Rec2Rec salary guide Singapore 2024

Welcome to our 2024 salary guide for agency recruiters in Singapore! In this guide, we cover observations in the market over the past year: factors that influence your salary, typical increments, the general rule to assess if you are paid in line with the market and lastly the official salary guide by title. To download […]

Salary guide for recruitment consultants in Hong Kong

Are you on a competitive base salary in Hong Kong? What factors influence your base salary? How much of an increment should you expect when moving to a new agency? In this article, we answer these questions with our salary guide for agency recruiters in Hong Kong. The salary ranges in this guide were gathered […]

What’s the average base salary of an agency recruiter in Singapore?

When recruiters change agencies, the driving motivations behind a move are rarely solely due to a base salary. A combination of other factors, such as hitting a glass ceiling, an issue with a line manager or misalignment in recruitment methodology are more common. Some would argue that as agency recruitment is a performance-driven role, there […]

The ultimate guide to commission schemes in recruitment

How does a commission scheme work? As a recruiter, are you making enough money with your scheme? As an agency, how competitive is your commission scheme in the market? You’re a recruitment entrepreneur starting a new business, what scheme should you use? In this complete guide to commission schemes in recruitment, we answer these questions […]